marți, 9 octombrie 2012

Make a Good Deal With That Party Rental Company

It takes a lot of composure to organize an event successfully. First you have to take care of the event itself, then you need to make sure the proper mood is set and finally you have to take care of foods, drinks and other party supplies. To top it all you also need to give people a place to sit, and enough space between that for the waiters to walk around. When all this becomes too much we usually turn to a party rental company.

Party rental companies need to know exact details about everything, otherwise they'll just assume you want the standard. To stop them from unpleasantly surprising you make sure you clarify everything. Just so you don't forget anything consider the following:

1. Book your event as early as you can

Most party rental companies have busy seasons; March through June and October through December are incredibly busy. Try to book your event as early as 2 months in advance, just to be on the safe side.

Understand that companies have a hard time adding items to your order but it's easy to simply reduce the order. You should always book a larger order simply because you can't predict everything. Otherwise you might need a few more chairs they simply might not have.

2. Don't expect perfection

Rental items get reused all the time, and some have been used for years. Naturally, they won't be perfect, but they'll be clean and in decent shape. To eliminate the risk of getting completely trashed items try to inspect them beforehand. The least you can do is ask what is the state of the items.

But you can always get chair covers and never have to worry about that. Try to gauge how serious and pleasant the company is from the time you're talking on the phone with them. If they're unresponsive and slow look for another company.

3. Know what you're paying for

Be realistic about what you're actually paying for. Usually party rentals will charge a delivery fee and they'll drop off the rental items in a mutually agreed location. Then you're free to move them and set them up any way you like.

If you want help in setting up the rentals, for example if there's a huge event and you can't do everything yourself, they'll usually do that for an extra fee. Afterwards they'll probably come pick the items up but you'll have to pack them up yourself, etc. You deserve a perfect event, so don't let asking stop you from getting what you want.

You can also ask about help in other areas. They usually know other vendors and may even bring a good deal to the table if you're clever about it. You can save yourself a lot of pain, stress and time if you use party rentals. It's virtually impossible to organize a large event without them.

luni, 14 mai 2012

Scent Games Are Loads Of Fun For You And Your Dogs

Playing scent games with your dog is a lot of fun. It doesn't require a lot of training and you can get started right away. It's also easy on your physique, as you won't be running around or anything. Your Pug will love you for it.

Interestingly, all dogs have a good sense of smell. Whether it's a Pug or not, a dog learns to rely on his nose from day one. Dogs use they're sense of smell even before they have functioning eyes and ears, they use it to find they're mother's milk.

Whether or not you think he'll like it is unimportant, you try it and if he likes it, good. When you hear how easy it is to get started with the first game you'll wonder why nobody ever says anything about it.

How to have a happy dog using scent games

Any dog can play scent games, and best of all you don't even need a lot of training to do it. Keep in mind, simple is best. Watch how your dog agrees. Try it out and watch your dog's disbelief at your genius.

The point of the game is to make your dog use his nose to get a reward. Grab a treat in one hand, make sure he doesn't see, and make closed fists. Now put your hands out and ask him to find the treat. Good performance is awarded with the genius award, naturally.

Easy as this sounds it works at a very deep level. You're making your dog use his most basic tools to find food. On the prowl you may be, and you still don't leave the living room. You might not think it's big, but your Pug will.

This is but the basic game, and you can spice things up easily. Have a few paper cups and let him pick the right one, just like a shell game. Let him find out that it's ok to touch, push and even paw the cup out of the way to get the treat. This is supposed to be fun.

Next you can start adding spins. You can keep getting more proficient at it until your dog can beat your friends at the shell game.